Fender Player Series Strat MN PWT

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  • Erlenkorpus
  • Maple neck
  • Ahorngriffbrett
  • matt neck finish
  • 22 frets
  • Mensur: 648 mm
  • Saddle width: 42 mm
  • Tonabnehmer: 3 New Player AlNiCo V Single Coils
  • Volume, tone (neck & middle) and tone controls (bridge)
  • 5-way switch
  • 2-point tremolo
  • Standard sealed machine heads
  • Workmanship: Fender .009 - .042 
  • Color: Polar White

Affordable classic

That's it, the classic, the most successful electric guitar in the world: the Fender Stratocaster, more precisely the Fender Player Series Strat MN PWT. If you can only own one guitar in your life - this is it! The Player Series is made in Mexico and is the cheapest option to purchase a Strat with the Fender logo on the headstock. The features are, of course, anything but cheap, because noble woods, selected hardware and a great look come together here. There are also details such as the new tone control and the fresh look with the One Piece Maple Neck with a matt lacquer on the back and the body lacquer with the color "Polar White" - the next winter sends its regards.

Carefully modernized

The Stratocaster from the Fender Player Series corresponds in many details to the stroke of genius that Leo Fender jumped out of the pen in the early 1950s. The neck, including the fingerboard, is made from a single piece of maple and has a modern C-profile. 22 frets, one more fret than before, offer enough space even for nervous fingers. The body is made of alder wood and has a high-gloss finish in "Polar White". The three single coil pickups are equipped with AlNiCo-5 magnets and provide a modernized version of the well-known, dynamic and brilliant tone. Compared to the past, the bridge pickup makes sense to have its own tone control, while the other two pickups have to share one control. The tremolo is also supported at only two points, which reduces friction and dramatically increases tuning stability.

Universalist with core competence

The Fender Player Series Strat MN PWT is an extremely flexible guitar, but of course it has its core competencies. Due to the pickups with three single coils, these range from clean sound to moderately distorted settings. This is where it feels most comfortable, and this is where the pickup combination can show its strengths: lively, open sounds that are full of character and sound within the recommended gain limits. So you can be seen on every stage and rehearsal room between country, western, blues or classic rock. A different pickup configuration is recommended for all harder gaits - which is of course also available on the Stratocasters of the Fender Player Series.

About fender

Fender is without a doubt one of the most legendary manufacturers of guitars and amplifiers. The company was founded in 1946 by the namesake Leo Fender († 1991), who gave the musician world a number of new impulses with his innovative ideas. His designs such as Tele and Stratocaster, Jazz and Precision Bass are not only classics, but still shape the style among musicians of various genres to this day. The Bassman, Twin, Deluxe or Princeton amplifier models also enjoy an excellent and timeless reputation. The company not only cultivates its own legends, but also tirelessly designs innovative products that make the Fender brand an engine of the music industry in today's environment.

The guitar for the desert island

What Fender launched in 1954 is nothing less than the ultimate electric guitar. It is considered a universalist and is therefore used in practically all styles. The guitars of the Player series are priced in the middle of the countless Fender series. With their origins in Mexico, they already have the "real" Fender logo and are therefore considered appropriate for ambitious gamers, but they are still so cheap that they are affordable even for beginners. In addition, there is the excellent resale value if you do want to "upgrade" - or if your guitarist career has failed. Then it was definitely not the fault of the fender!